Power of Accomplishment

The Power of Accomplishment

The power of accomplishment is the increased capacity to do.  As you accomplish your goals you will gain a greater ability to accomplish.  Your confidence grows with every accomplishment.

The power of accomplishment comes from overcoming challenges.  It is getting back up after we have fallen.  The accomplishment of a race does not occur at the finish line, but all along the way as each challenge is overcome.  We need vision in order to accomplish.

We each have stories of accomplishment.  Often our accomplishments, our triumphs over challenges, are not seen by others.  This is because many of our accomplishments are personal, not known to our peers.  With every accomplishment comes the power to accomplish more.

Whatever you choose to do, do your best.

Every choice will either move you closer to your goal or farther away.  The power to accomplish starts with the first decision to do.

Measure your success by what you have done, not by what you plan on doing.  Do not focus on comparing your life accomplishments with others.  Focus instead on comparing your accomplishments with your potential.

Our best accomplishment is still ahead of us.

What will you accomplish today?

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