Philippines, Universities, and Internet Business

I have recently been spending a lot of time learning about universities in the Philippines, and the state of Internet business in the Philippines.  The Philippines has a fast growing tech savvy labor force that offers great opportunities for American companies.

I first started working with individuals in the Philippines back in 2005.  I had several projects that I was outsourcing to Internet teams in the Philippines as part of my early Internet Entrepreneur experience.  Many experiences have followed from that and I have developed some strong business relationships as a result.

Soon I will be traveling to the Philippines to speak at several Universities on the subject of preparing to work for American companies.  The Philippines is in an incredible position to provide a capable workforce to work for American companies.  I have already seen a migration of specialized work being sent to individuals and teams in the Philippines.  This trend is likely to continue as other companies discover the amazingly talented workforce in the Philippines.

To many of my Internet business colleagues in the United States, outsourcing to Asia is not a new concept.  There are many online communities that provide a way to set up projects online and make them available to the international community.  I even have a few business friends that have offered special training to American companies on how to setup projects to be done by international individuals and teams.

I have several speeches set up with Universities in the Philippines.  I am also looking for more connections prior to my visit in a couple weeks.  If you have any good contacts in the Philippines, please email me at michaeleagar (at)